Implants are perfect replacement for missing teeth. Keeping the three most important factors of form, function and aesthetic in mind, dental implants are the ideal solution for replacement of natural teeth.

In Lifeberries Healthcare we only use those implant systems which meets the most stringent of international quality standards.


Don’t fear the root canal anymore.

At Lifeberries Healthcare, all the root canal procedures are done exclusively by ENDODONTIST . Contrary to general belief, RCT is painless and very comfortable and can be done in single sitting if required. Latest endomotor , Apex locator and rotary file systems are used .

So if you have any doubt regarding root canal procedure or you have been avoiding it due to fear, you know exactly where to reach.


A smile that blends naturally with your body while creating a magical aura around you can only be conceptualized by the team of specialists.
A variety of dental defects such as crooked teeth , chipped teeth , protruding teeth , missing teeth , maligned teeth , smile which is not in harmony with the facial feature can be corrected by using individually or combination of various following procedures such as –

  • Instant teeth whitening
  • Porcelain and composite veneers
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Recontouring of teeth
  • Composite restorations and build- ups

Even normal smile can be enhanced to give you a glamorous look .


All types of Gum surgeries, Flap surgeries, Bone augmentation , Deep pigmentation of dark gums are performed exclusively by our PERIODONTISTS.


Full mouth reconstruction are indicated when the oral health as a whole has deteriorated due to multiple dental problems.

As complex as it may seem , such cases can be treated to produce flawless results and restore the oral function back to normal if the treatment is planned well and executed by skilled specialists.

Due to our excellent lab support and our expertise in planning the treatment , such cases can generally be completed within very short time to give you a brand new set of teeth and beautiful smile once again.

Our Patients’ Experiences