Pune is 2nd largest state of Maharashtra .It is an educational hub for Indian and foreign students. Progressing by leaps and and bounds, Pune has emerged as a force to reckon with .Considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Pune has raised the bar as a tourist destination.

With great other adjoining tourist destinations you can definitely plan a wonderful trip along with world class dental treatments.

LIFEBERRIES HEALTHCARE is located at less than 1 km from Pune airport which makes it extremely convenient for our patients .You can choose your stay from luxury to economic hotels located in less than 1 km from clinic .
For your complete assistance and guidance we have a team at our clinic which can assist you to have a pleasant stay.

Dental tourism in INDIA enables international patients to save on dental treatment while exploring India. Dental implants in India is the best way to save without compromising the quality. Due to globalization and liberal WTO rules India has become the destination for most of business houses across the world. The Indian economy has grown many times , so has influx of travelers. Now you can plan your trip to the most magnificent side of country and save on your dental treatment at the same time.

At LIFEBERRIES HEALTHCARE we strive to achieve the highest standard of consumer service and take the very best care of you. we provide you with complete dental solutions. Now you can get your dental implants , crowns ,smile makeover , root canals etc at very economical package cost and enjoy the beauty of one of the greatest civilization – INDIA.


Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity.



We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.


We travel not to escape life , but for life not to escape us.

Taj Hotel, Mumbai
Taj Hotel, Mumbai